Aug. 23rd, 2008 09:54 pm
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So, that was my day. Excuse me while I collapse from SHEER FUCKING JOY.

(Also, Lauren, Sabrina, and nee-chan, I didn't see you guys anywhere today? Did you guys end up going?)
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Stolen from [ profile] april_potter and [ profile] kageno

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want [, as personal a question as you dare. I will answer candidly to the best of my ability, if I can]

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

The stuff in the square brackets was added by yours truly. If you're also doing the meme, feel free to remove it if you so choose.

In other news, school sooon! SO EXCITED >D
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Daniel is really starting to annoy me. Just the way he bobs his head like a confused chicken and blathers on about his yet-to-be-seen epic!taste-level. Really ticks me off. I find that alot of the designers this season don't sit well with me, personality wise. Doesn't help that I'm not very impressed by any of their design aesthetics, overall.

Though, I find myself liking Leanne and I'm not quite sure why. Something about her just appeals to me. And I suppose I like Katou, too. *shrug*


*wanders over to bed and collapses*
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Started back at McKesson last night, 7:30pm to about 5am, or so. And overtime XD; ~ Back again tonight. *yawns and flops over*

I also discovered that I haven't improved at all over the course of this summer. Like, having looked through stuff I did at the end of the last school year, up until now, I can see no improvement. That's like what? Four months of doing nothing? It's my own fault, really, I didn't even try. Lack of inspiration, and all that, though it's really not an excuse. I worked so hard during the school year to improve my CG and painting ability, and with a broken tablet I haven't been able to do much for that. I suppose I could've picked up a brush and used my gouache, but again, too lazy.

Oh weeeeelll, school starts up in less than a month, and I suppose seeing everyone's vast improvement will kick my ass into gear. I'll just have to work all the harder, I suppose >_>
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A conversation I had with [ profile] ph00 about last night's party at MaT Letay's place, and in specific, about certain closet blond idiots. This was on AIM, and it's rather sporadic as I have this tendancy to communicate in quick blurts as opposed to full sentences on IM when I'm excited/riled up.

AIM text, ahead! )
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Chelsie and Mark were eliminated. They were easily my faves. *sigh*

In terms of the girls, all 3 were really strong, and as much as I love Katee, I loved Chelsie and Courtney more, so I had hoped they'd be the ones to make it. For the guys, the decision was obvious. The judges clearly had their favorites (Twitch - anyone else notice how they sort of breezed by his awful Mambo performance? Mary gave him props for "pretty much sort of keeping time"? What? Even my brother, who is a huge Twitch fan, said that it was clear favoritism); so, essentially Mark wasn't going to make it (especially not against Josh, that boy is a beast XD). Mark's solo tonight was fantastic, though. I wish he'd used that one last night, it may have tipped things in his favor (since Twitch's solo was also rather lackluster). Too bad voting isn't available in Canada. I'd've voted till my phone broke.

Oh well, the remaining dancers are all spectacular and wonderful, so I'm not angry in the least, just sort of sad that Chelsie and Mark didn't quite make it. Ah well, at least they'll be on the tour, I guess.

I'll definitely post some videos once they're available.


Mark's Solo (results show):

KICK ASS, OMG, I LOVE HIS WEEEIRD QUIRKY STYLE. It's so different from the usual contemporary fare, he really stands out <3

Chelsie's Solo (competition show):

And this is why Chelsie was eliminated. The girl is fabulous, can adapt to different styles, has massive sex appeal, not to mention the legs of a goddess... but she cannot perform a decen solo to save her life. I still believe that after four seasons, Snow was the only ballroom-latin dancer who could pull off an engaging and charismatic solo, that wasn't just randomly flailing around the stage doing promenade walks. (Okay, Lacey was decent too)

[EDIT 2] - While I'm on the topic of Snow... some more videos! Considering that many people didn't see season one, I feel it's my duty to expose the masses to the kick-ass that was Snow >)

Videos behind the cut, 'cause this entry is getting way too big XD )
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Holy crap, guys. HBP was easily my least favourite book, but, like, this this trailer looks fantastic. Baby!Tom is soooo creepy, and awesome ._.;;

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Omg, you gaiz. I think I'm the only person in the existence of humanity that hasn't seen Wall-E. I fail at being an animator, I should drop out and get my cardboard sign ready now.

In other news, yesterday was a day of crack-lolzing with [ profile] nare_chan, and later [ profile] tofubeast. U GAIZ R SO LULZ OMG.

Life is interesting, otherwise. It's finally (kind of) calmed down. So, like, waiting for the next shit-wave to hit, but for now I'll enjoy the lull (LULZ?).

(Also, gaiz, my MSN is literally made of suck [the bad kind]. So, these days, I use AIM alot more, as it has a higher success rate on my computer. If any of you have it/use it, drop me a line. I'm cielsansfin [all one word, minus the "I'm"]. Either way, if anyone ever has to get a hold of me urgently, that's probably the easiest way. That, or facebook XD)

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There are too many people in my house. I have not slept for 2 days. Make it end. D:

Since Thursday, my grandmother and uncle have been staying with us. We live in a small, 3 bedroom condo. My brother has evac-ed his room, where my grandmother is staying, and my uncle is staying on the spare fold-out in the solarium. My brother has been sharing my bed for two nights, and I haven't gotten any sleep because of it. Doesn't help that I'm an insomniac, y'know.

To top it off, my other uncle dropped off my two cousins to sleep over (knowing, full well, that we're rather overbooked as it is) ~ he came over to 'visit', showed up with a duffel bag and then left without his kids. Now, I love those boys like they're my own children, but fucking hell. So, they're going to take my bed, and I'm sleeping on the couch. *shrugs* Whatever.

We've had guests coming in at all times during the past few days, coming to see my grandmother, and honestly, I'm pretty fed up right now. I can't handle such activity, especially when my room (and private space) is unavailable to me. I'm a scorpio, we like our privacy.

Just... ugh. So, currently, I'm juggling 4 children (two who are visiting; young, annoying as fuck brats who won't leave me alone). My brother has AWOLed to Wonderland with his own friends, and is expected back only god knows when tonight. So, I'm left by myself dealing with them.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a cake walk and wouldn't be anything that would rile me up so bad. But I'm tired. And cranky, and just not happy. My body hurts, and I'm having sharp pains on the left side of my head. Yay for sleep deprivation.


Okay, end rant. Back to the circus! 8D
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Just had to post this. I saw this ages ago, but [ profile] ph00 totally reminded me of it.

Warning: There is much gheyz.

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My day in point form:

- applied to more jobs
- Chauffered Drove around with my dad all day, running errands.
- Bought laminate flooring. That shit is heavy. My back hates me.
- My parents guilted me into eating meat, so I am now officially no longer a vegetarian. My stomach hurts too. Add that to the pain in my back, and now my whole body hates me. LULZ.
- Came home, and watched the final 6 Avatar episodes. Which I will now review. Beware, I'm very cranky right now. This will not be pretty.

My Thoughts )
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Just... yes.

Oh god, I loved it. Best part?

Cut for possible [but not really] spoilers )

In other news:

- Picked up a great aqua/white/black shirt and flip-flops from H&M, 50% off each. BOSS.
- Still job hunting. Still failing D:
- Got a haircut, am (as always) not pleased with it. But whatever, it'll grow out XP
- My tablet is completely totalled. My dad and brother ruined the USB jack, now I can't even plug the bitch in. Which, also, means I can't CG at all. Which blows. Hardcore. Worst of it? My dad/brother won't admit they did anything wrong, and therefore won't replace it. WTH FAMILY. YOU SUCK. Rest in Peace Lulu, you're in cybernetic heaven now ;_; ~
- Consequently, I'm now in the market for a new tablet. Possibly a Bamboo? (Yay, cheap tabbies XD;;;)

And that's roughly it.
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Just a quick update to let everyone know that I won't be around for a while. My grandfather basically had bleeding in his brain (which has dried up by this point), a ridiculously high blood-sugar that caused him to have 3 seizures in one day, and yeah. He's 94, and it's not looking good.

I've been at the hospital for the past several days, and expect to be there for until the inevitable happens.

*sighs* At this point, I've pretty much accepted that he'll be leaving us (after that horrible time last February when he was in the hospital as well).

Anyway, I thought I would let y'all know what's been happening, and why I've disappeared off the face of the planet.
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'When tomorrow comes, will it vanish completely?' )


May. 10th, 2008 05:45 pm
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I hate my family.
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I went clubbing for the first time last Friday, and it was pretty good!

First time )

Blaargh, I'm still so bored. So, another meme! This one is stolen from [ profile] kyasuriin

Deeology )
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Mmn, summer. I managed to make it past the school year. But that doesn't necessarily mean I passed it. At this point I just have to wait and see, and I really don't feel like thinking/worrying about something that I can no longer affect. We'll just see.

And in other news! Hoping to get a call back from Ye Olde Pharmaceutical Factory, where I worked back in Ye Olde Yule Breake.

Summer is driving me crazy, already. I'm so bored. Which has led me to troll the few RP sites I'm part of. I'm almost tempted to join more just so I can HAVE SOMETHING TO DO ALL THE TIME, LULZ.

Speaking of boredom, here's a meme! Stolen from [ profile] rashkae

Fandom Meme )

The Answers! )


Apr. 13th, 2008 09:40 am
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I just woke up from a very funny dream, and I really feel the need to write it down.

A dream I had this morning )

In other news, I'll be spending all day (and night) at school today getting work done. Good times! D:

On the Eve

Apr. 12th, 2008 11:41 am
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So, this weekend will basically decide if I pass or fail first year animation. So, to keep organized and focused, I'm posting a to-do list/timetable for myself.

To-Do List )
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That made me laugh so hard. It's so funny, and so accurate. Just thought I'd share it XD


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