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Ararararar... today was an interesting day...

Got to school at the usual time, but found that our proff wasn't in today so there wasn't going to be any class. Hung out in the pit for a few hours with everyone. Had a snowball fight, because it finally snowed wtf, even though it was only a little. It was San's first time seeing snow in real life (He's an international student from India), as well as his first snowball fight ~ Very amusing XD

Finally got a chance to have a convo with Mandy ([ profile] moonmystique)~ She's in the animation program, and her drawings are fantastic! Seriously, [ profile] ph00 and I were just drooling. Very inspiring, but also quite disheartening (seeing her talent, and what-have-you) ~ She saw my sketchbook (the crappy one, unfortunately) and said my stuff was good. I didn't believe her, of course :D ~ Iunno, I have trouble believing people actually think my work is good. I always get the feeling they're just telling me that to please me @_@; ~ I'm such a suspicious little bastard... then again, I am a Scorpio XD;

After Mandy left for class, [ profile] ph00, [ profile] katherun and I went up to the compy lab to chill out and surf teh intrawebz. Bummed around for a bit, but I had a headache so I didn't go to layout class .__.; ~ So, basically, I've spent the entire day at school without having had a class! Awesome.

Well, overall it was a good day ~ :D


my head hurts, agh...


Ararar, so I'm re-obsessed with Guilty Gear now >_>

It all started with me doodling Bridget after Mandy left, but I didn't remember the details of his outfit. So I looked it up. And then looked up other characters. And then looked at game artwork. And... yeah.

Basically, I ended up joining like three new communities, one of which is a rating community,where you fill out a survey and users vote to tell you which character of named fandom you're most like, and I'm anxiously awaiting the results to that XD *nerd*

And since my icons needed a shuffle, I found several new ones to replace most of my old ones :) ~ They're all by [ profile] haloradio and they're so damn pretty it's ridiculous XD

Seriously itching to draw some I-No fanart (I-No = , because gawd she is an awesome character and I wish I was as sexy as her. But that's a bad thing because I've got much homework to be doing, and not much time for d00dling...


Yeah. You know I'm so doing that fanart XD
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Omg you guys, wanna know how much I fail? Well, this morning, I got up bright and early, got dressed, packed my stuff and was just heading out the door to my Orientation session when my mom goes, "Umm... isn't that tomorrow?"

Yue: "No, it's on Friday. Therefore, Today. Duh."
Mom: "Today is Thursday. Duh."
Yue: "..."
Mom: "..."
Yue: "We never speak of this again."

hahahahaha! *facewall*

In other news, I wanna play Lineage 2 soooo badly! It's this awesome fantasy MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) ~ but, as most of you are aware, I'm unable to download software stuffs, so no game for me ;___;

Buuuut, I can content myself with downloading the game's cinematic movies! Which are really freaking awesome O_O;; ~ If you want a looksee, the link to the movie section of the site is:

To browse through the movies, click the drop menu on the top right and choose your chronicle (1-5) ~ the movies I recommend you see are the ones titled as Cinematic movies. Chronicles 3, 4, and 5 are my personal favourites ^_^

Chronicle 3: The Golden Elf Girl (who is basically the 'main character' of these cinematics) has some sort of flashback, then summons a dragon. Uber coolness

Chronicle 4: The Golden Elf girl beats the shit out of some demon beasts that are swarming her and then uses her kick-ass mystic bow thingger to beat kick the shit out of a really ugly sorceress lady O_O

Chronicle 5: Golden Elf Girl has a fight with the duel-sword wielding Dark Elf Girl. SO cool. *_______*

Go check em' out!

*watches the movies again*




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