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So, the muscle test is over. FUCK YES.

I'm pretty sure I failed it (if not, I just barely scraped by), but either way I'm happy to have it behind me. Now it's time to deal with everything else that I've been neglecting. Nyyygh. Why is life so hectic?

PS - Check out this song, it is so many levels of sexy I cannot even begin to say. The only way I can describe the feeling of the chorus is "melting", and it sends a shiver up my spine every time, fffff. I love this band in general, though, and have been fapping to their electrotango music for like a while now [the singer isn't part of the group, but a guest vocalist. Bajofondo usually does instrumental music].


Nov. 15th, 2008 07:35 pm
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Life is at an interesting place right now. It's been pretty mellow for weeks now, even months, really.

I have this strange gut feeling that it's all going to blow up any day now, and I'm hunkering down for the explosion.

I'll likely be back here, whining/bitching/crying about whatever it is that is going to happen (and I know something is going to happen, for better or worse)

So, in the meantime, have some more music. )


Nov. 9th, 2008 10:23 pm
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I want to go dancing so badly right now.

(Warning, the video is complete and utter shit, but the song is great XD)
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Share Ten (10) songs that begin with the letter S.

(Letter assigned by [ profile] kyasuriin )

Bring on da Beats! )

If anyone wants to be assigned a letter, please leave a comment 8) - This meme is currently unfinished because is being a crazy biznatch, and is like rejecting my files D: ~ I'll top it off as soon as I can ~
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H'okay, so, today my friends bombarded me with CDs. I am currently spazzing.

Ashley lent me:

- In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson (I fell in love with this man's voice from the very first song I heard. He's just so laid back; listening to his music just makes you feel light and happy)

Jamie lent me:

- Il Y A Trop De Gens Qui T'aiment by Helene Segara
- Notre Dame de Paris (Official French Soundtrack)
- Notre Dame de Paris (Official English Version)
- Notre Dame de Paris (Full Version) ~ This one includes ALL songs from the play, even the ones not included in the official OSTs; basically, it's the entire musical on a set of discs

Like, holyfuckyouguys, I'm going to be ripping music all weekend!

*falls over in ecstasy*

(btw, I'll post some songs once I'm finished ripping the music onto my comp, h'okay?)

[Edit] -

Okay, I've got all the Notre Dame de Paris songs ripped. But there're like 53 all together. Anyone have anything specific they'd like? I mean, it's kind of ridiculous to try and upload all of them >_<;

Oh, and Jack Johnson will come once I've finished listening to the whole CD; that way I'll know what songs I want to sample for you guys ~ <3
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It's official. I'm a fanboy.

My favourite song:

I love that song. I've played it at least twenty times. In a row. It has nothing to do with the fact that Bruno Pelletier is fucking sexy (even with custy stage make-up). Nonono, not at all :)


For anyone who's interest has now been piqued go here: ~ you can find the ENTIRE musical. It starts on page 3 and works backwards. All of the songs are numbered, so just go in order. Some of them are out of order, but as I said they're numbered so it isn't hard to find the one you need.

Trust me, it's brilliant
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Tagged by Vanessa...

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was a very long time ago :(
2. I am listening to... Eternity ~ Memory of Lightwaves (Uematsu Nobuo/FFX-2 OST)
3. I talk... in varying frequencies dependant on my company/surroundings
4. I love... sleep, chocolate, snow, rain, antiques, libraries, white wine, and sex.
5. My friends... the only thing that keep me sane, and the only reason to even try.
6. My first real kiss... was initiated by me xD I'm sooo agressive when I want to be
8. Love... exists.
9. Marriage is... an interesting concept
10. Somewhere, someone is thinking... Llama
11. I'll always... leave things to the last minute
12. I have a secret crush... well, actually I don't xD ~
13. The last time I cried was because... When my aunt passed away :(
14. My cell phone... don't have one >_<;
15. When I wake up in the morning... I roll over and try to remember what it was that I dreamt
16. Before I go to bed... stare at the cieling and think of random things
17. Right now, I am thinking about... this meme? xD
18. Babies are... wonderful, intoxicating beings
19. I get on Myspace... when theres nothing better to do
20. Today I... painted and got paint alll over me xD;;
21. Tonight I... shower (to get the paint off), read and go to sleep
22. Tomorrow I will be... in painting class, and scrambling to finish my armature for 3D Modelling class
23. I really want... to be accepted into the Animation Program! >_<;;;
24. I tag these six people... Nee-chan, Lauren, Sabrina, Lex, Val, and Kat ~


Decided to whip Eternity onto for y'all ~ It's one of my favourite pieces right now... it just makes me feel so calm, and when I close my eyes I feel like I'm floating and it's wonderful :)

Title: Eternity ~ Memory of Lightwaves
Artist: Uematsu Nobuo
Album: Final Fansty X-2 OST
Language: Instrumental

** Oh, and for those who don't know ~ you don't have to download the song from in order to hear it. By clicking on the link, it takes you to the download link where you can either click 'download' or 'play' ~ if you'd like to hear the song first just click 'play' and then decide if you want it or not ~ nifty little feature, no? :)
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Stolen from Agnes XD

Visit to learn your Lustsign!

Very cool test, I suggest you all try it ^_^

(Zomg, it's weird that as I did this test and read my result, I was listening to an arabic-y type song! So ironic *o*;; )


I think I'll post the song too, 'cause I feel like it XD

Title: Sorrow (Leon's Theme)
Artist: Makoto Hosoi
Album: Dead or Alive 4 OST
Language: Instrumental

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Just found some great music that I just had to share :D

Both tracks are from Dead or Alive videogame soundtracks (they're actually the theme/stage music for the character named Helena)

I love all of Helena's theme tracks because they're the most gorgeous blend of classical and electronic music *__*;; ~ So damn classy xD

neways, here they are ^_^

Title: Blazed Up Melpomene (Helena's Theme)
Artist: Unknown (for the moment)
Album: Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore OST
Language: Instrumental

Title: Blood Tie (Helena's Theme)
Artist: M. Hosoi
Album: Dead or Alive 3 OST
Language: Instrumental

Aaaand, while I'm at it I'll throw in Christie's theme as well because even though it's not classical-y, it's still way sexy <3

Title: Monster (Christie's Theme)
Artist: M. Hosoi
Album: Dead or Alive 3 OST
Language: Instrumental

There, that does it for now ~ Enjoy! XD
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Yay, schools over for three weeks! So, now I have plenty of free time to obsess and worry over my portfolio for february without pesky school-related stuffs getting in the way! I can see much panic and hard work in the near future! Yey! :D

In other, less depressing news, I got new musikz! I'm such a music whore, it's not even funny. Whatever genre, whatever language, I just love getting new music *___*;;

Picked up some kick-ass metal tracks from the Guilty Gear XX/Reload OST, as well as a pretty new Origa track titled "Dimanche" ~ Also, managed to finally track down Leah Andreone's "Lamentation", which is fantastic btw

If anyone wants to have a listen, just ask and I'll upload em' onto or summin'...


or, I'll just do it now 'cause I feel like it XD... Hang on...

*a short while later*

Here we are!

Title: Still In The Dark (Millia vs Zato)
Artist: Guilty Gear XX/RELOAD OST
Language: Instrumental
Description: A really fun, fast paced electric guitar piece ~

Title: Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
Artist: Guilty Gear XX/RELOAD OST
Language: Instrumental
Description: Another metal guitar piece, but this time with a really hot, operatic Organ added to the mix :D

Title: Lamentation
Artist: Leah Andreone
Language: English
Description: A gorgeous, powerful ballad. One of my favourites.

Title: Dimanche
Artist: Origa
Language: Russian/English (with a hint of French?)
Description: A great one from her. Very computerized/techno-y, but with Origa's classic vocals.

Title: Kawa Yo Watashi No (You Are My River)
Artist: Origa
Language: Russian (I think...)
Description: Probably my favourite song from Origa vocals wise. Crisp, clear, and totally playing on her classical roots. I just couldn't help but throw this one in.

There, all finished! Hope you guys enjoy! <3
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Mmmn. So, I'm in love with Goa Trance :)

Juno Reactor pwn's my soul.

Remember that song from the Animatrix? The ending theme? That's Conga Fury by Juno Reactor, and is Goa trance. I love it.

Here's the song, but it's a music video from Final Fantasy Advent Children. The music actually works well with the scenes, but whatevs. It's the song I'm makin' y'all hear ^_^

Hot, no?


God is God. This song is really good too!!! :D (Ignore the video, it's on crack)


Also? METAL GEAR SOLID 4~?@?)G*$@H~~!!!!!

Oh man, this looks hot. And RAIDEN'S BACK! Yay for ass-kicking bishies, whut!


(this video imbed feature is really handy XD)

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Bonnie Pink makes me ridiculously happy in the pants. Her music is so great.

Unfortnately my computer decided to delete like 90% of the music I had of her >__<;;



Still painting...

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Omg... you guys, I want the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST... Like, badly.

But I can't seem to find an online source where I can download the whole album... anyone have any leads? ;__;

I've managed to get ahold of Monochrome by Ilaria Graziano, and I'm so excited to hear the rest of the album... >_<;;


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