Mar. 20th, 2007 07:14 pm
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Figured I should just let y'all know...



... and yet another survey )
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Don't really feel like posting, but I figured I should do something a bit more proper than "HOMGZ HOMEWORK AHHH!" >_>;;

Got to finally see my uncle's new house in Oakville yesterday. It's very nice, much bigger than his last one. But it's rather far from my school... if I moved in, I'd have to take buses to get there. Which shouldn't be too bad. But still. *shrug*

Also, I'm officially going to try going vegetarian. Yes, you read that correctly. I've been wanting to do this for years, but I've always found that I was too weak to give up meat >_o; ~ But yes. I made said decision day before yesterday, and haven't touched meat since. Unfortunately, my family is making fun of me >_>; ~ My mom literally went *SNORT* "yeah, right" when I told her >_<; And at my Uncle's place I was generally poked and prodded, and they'd make even more jokes, or like relate something they were talking about to my new vegetarianism (even though it had nothing to do with anything, guh!) and then give me side-long glances and smirk amusedly. BUT, when they ordered pizza that night, they ordered some veggie for me. Which made me happy, as I thought no one was taking me seriously 8) ~ They might not believe in me, but at least they respect my wishes ^___^

What else... oh, right!


xD; Sorry, couldn't help it. Still need to finish Viv's concept art assignment... gonna work more on that tonight, as well as make an effort to sculpt more.

So, yes. That is about all.
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I'm Done.

It's over. It's officially out of my hands.

I just need to wait for the results. Which is scary. But I'm not going to think about that because HOLYSHITI'MDONE!


A Survey! )
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Just need to polish up my room drawings, then I'm done!

Holy shit. I might actually get to get some sleep tonight..



Good luck tomorrow everyone! We're going to make it, I know! And if not, we'll kill the judging panel via drive-by shooting on GObus!

Or, uh, appeal?

Eh, either/or
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You know you haven't had enough sleep when:

Midway through pencilling your action pose, you realize that you're supposed to leave it rough.



Feb. 25th, 2007 01:46 pm
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God, I hope I get in.

Well, looks like I've hit the "pre-submission depression" wall.

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Got just a couple more drawings to do to complete the drawing test for the folio (room drawings) ~ and I need to pencil my action poses...

Went to bed at 4 last night/this morning, got up at eight, and started to scan in pages from my sketchbooks to make composits for the personal artwork section.

I'd put in some CGs, but Viven was like "YOUR SKETCHES GEWD, YOU PUT THEM IN YES? PUT ALL OF THEM IN YES? YES? YES?"

And besides, my CGs suck anyway blah

So yeah. Sketch composits. And a few layouts. Maybe a life drawing, we'll see.

Oh, and I'm putting all my concept work for Little Orphan Annie in as well on Viv's suggestion (read: I have no choice, she'll kill me with her brain)

Can you tell I haven't slept properly for several days now?

Blah. But yeah, my stupid scanner is all "WTF REJECTED BITCH" whenever I try to scan in my col-erase drawings. Because that's what I need right now. I mean, I've so much time left to pull this off, right?

I'm thinking of just pulling out a large sheet of paper and just like drawing a shit load o' stuff in different colours. I probably will. After room drawings.

Well, this is it. Just today/tonight and then it's show time.

(Wow... I can't believe I've pretty much finished the entire portfolio in like 3 days. And it looks pretty decent O_o; )
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Tell me how I've got like no good life drawings to put into my portfolio.

Well, okay, that's not true. Out of the three that I've selected, I only really like one of them. The other two are mediocre, at best.

What the fuck.

It's bad enough that I left one of my good ones (that I had been planning to use) in Glenn's class after he handed it back. But now this!?


I brought all my damn pads home. I know had more good life drawings. I know it. But where are they? It makes no fucking sense.

Whatever. Theres no helping it now, I suppose. I'm just going to make due with what I have, and hope the judges don't hate me.

God. The life drawing section is going to be my lowest score. I can smell it. And the shittiest part is that I'm not that weak at life drawing. I know I'm not amazing, but I'm certainly not bad. But those damn judges are gonna think I am >_<;;


Guess I'll have to make the rest of my portfolio fabulous to pick up the slack. In less than two days.

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*several deep breaths*

H'okay, so, my portfolio is due on Monday.


I won't be sleeping this weekend 8D


*several more deep breaths*


It's hilarious to see how much I've improved since last time I applied. Like, freaking hilarious. I just compared my object drawings from last year to the ones I'm doing this year (which are 80% done w00t), I literally started to laugh. I showed my bro and he was all "O_o;; Dude. You sucked last year." LMAO

I also compared my character design, hand drawings and animal drawings, and the result was the same. Wow. Felt good to laugh so hard xDDD;

I'm actually feeling rather encouraged now... so back to work! Another hour or so and the object drawings'll be finished, then I can add the finishing touches on my action poses and expression sheet before hitting the sack ~

Portfolio shopping tomorrow; also Ashley and I are going to be at sheridan to use the light tables. Anyone coming with?

(Also, thanks for the support you guys ~ <3333)
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Mmmn, dA's imbed feature is really useful, fufufufufuf >3


Sketch Dump 02 by ~Dee-Baby on deviantART

lalalala ~ *scampers off to work on folioz*
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Today was an... inconsequential day. No, really, that's the only way I can describe it... it's generally how all my wednesdays are. Could be because it's Bob's class on Wednesday (the layout teacher I hate)...

Rantranthatehate )

Like I needed any other reasons to hate his ass.


But on a good note, I ran into Mandy today! xD That was totally the highlight of my day as I don't get to see her very often, and yeah. Saw her folio which was amazing ~ and the good thing is that this time after looking at her work I didn't feel depressed about my own skill level, but I felt inspired to work harder ~ which is a step up XD ~ She also saw some of my work and proceeded to lie very sweetly about it (ie - "it's goooood! *shifty eyes*") ~ Nice try dearie, but I saw through that! XD


But yeah, as stated before today was entirely meh... Wednesdays are just like that. I feel so apathetic on wednesday that it's disgusting >_<;;

This song has got it right...

"You shut your mouth
how dare you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does"


Jan. 27th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Wow, it's been forever since I've made a proper entry...

Aaaand... this won't be one XD;


Portfolios in roughly three weeks... the stress hasn't quite set in yet... but it will soon. Especially once I decide to get started on the ever growing pile of neglected homework assignments. Shit. So much to do.

To get my ass into gear, I think I'll make a checklist...

- 2 Self Portraits for Painting due Monday (Status - 0% complete)
- Full body sculpt to be started for Monday (Status - 0% complete)
- Hand/Foot or Object Transformation drawings due Tuesday (Status - 10% complete)
- 2 Layouts due Wednesday (20% complete)
- Test + 3 weeks of reading/notes to catch up for Comprehending Cults on Thursday (0% complete)

Well, only another month to go 'till folios are out of my hair and I can get back on track with schoolwork ~ 8D

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First day of school. Went alright. Was nice to see everyone again.

Also, I realize that I've been a terrible LJ friend lately >_<; ~ I don't remember the last time I've actively commented on any of your entries. Truthfully, it's because I haven't been able to snag more than fifteen minutes at a time on the computer without being kicked off, which barely leaves me time to hyperspeed-read through everyone's stuff, let alone comment. So, technically, it's not really my fault... buuut, I still feel like an ass because I should fight to make more time to comment and be active on LJ >_<; *sigh*

Well, now that school's back on, hopefully I can snag a bit more time at the labs... if not, I'm sorry you guys. I am reading most of your entries, I just can't get the time to comment as much as I'd/you'd probably like.
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Yay, schools over for three weeks! So, now I have plenty of free time to obsess and worry over my portfolio for february without pesky school-related stuffs getting in the way! I can see much panic and hard work in the near future! Yey! :D

In other, less depressing news, I got new musikz! I'm such a music whore, it's not even funny. Whatever genre, whatever language, I just love getting new music *___*;;

Picked up some kick-ass metal tracks from the Guilty Gear XX/Reload OST, as well as a pretty new Origa track titled "Dimanche" ~ Also, managed to finally track down Leah Andreone's "Lamentation", which is fantastic btw

If anyone wants to have a listen, just ask and I'll upload em' onto box.net or summin'...


or, I'll just do it now 'cause I feel like it XD... Hang on...

*a short while later*

Here we are!

Title: Still In The Dark (Millia vs Zato)
Artist: Guilty Gear XX/RELOAD OST
Language: Instrumental
Description: A really fun, fast paced electric guitar piece ~
LINK: http://www.box.net/public/f4holytsbk

Title: Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
Artist: Guilty Gear XX/RELOAD OST
Language: Instrumental
Description: Another metal guitar piece, but this time with a really hot, operatic Organ added to the mix :D
LINK: http://www.box.net/public/nho2mbhoey

Title: Lamentation
Artist: Leah Andreone
Language: English
Description: A gorgeous, powerful ballad. One of my favourites.
LINK: http://www.box.net/public/ys3qf51b8p

Title: Dimanche
Artist: Origa
Language: Russian/English (with a hint of French?)
Description: A great one from her. Very computerized/techno-y, but with Origa's classic vocals.
LINK: http://www.box.net/public/zly3j9n4z3

Title: Kawa Yo Watashi No (You Are My River)
Artist: Origa
Language: Russian (I think...)
Description: Probably my favourite song from Origa vocals wise. Crisp, clear, and totally playing on her classical roots. I just couldn't help but throw this one in.
LINK: http://www.box.net/public/xq8prbd7l7

There, all finished! Hope you guys enjoy! <3
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Ararararar... today was an interesting day...

Got to school at the usual time, but found that our proff wasn't in today so there wasn't going to be any class. Hung out in the pit for a few hours with everyone. Had a snowball fight, because it finally snowed wtf, even though it was only a little. It was San's first time seeing snow in real life (He's an international student from India), as well as his first snowball fight ~ Very amusing XD

Finally got a chance to have a convo with Mandy ([livejournal.com profile] moonmystique)~ She's in the animation program, and her drawings are fantastic! Seriously, [livejournal.com profile] ph00 and I were just drooling. Very inspiring, but also quite disheartening (seeing her talent, and what-have-you) ~ She saw my sketchbook (the crappy one, unfortunately) and said my stuff was good. I didn't believe her, of course :D ~ Iunno, I have trouble believing people actually think my work is good. I always get the feeling they're just telling me that to please me @_@; ~ I'm such a suspicious little bastard... then again, I am a Scorpio XD;

After Mandy left for class, [livejournal.com profile] ph00, [livejournal.com profile] katherun and I went up to the compy lab to chill out and surf teh intrawebz. Bummed around for a bit, but I had a headache so I didn't go to layout class .__.; ~ So, basically, I've spent the entire day at school without having had a class! Awesome.

Well, overall it was a good day ~ :D


my head hurts, agh...


Ararar, so I'm re-obsessed with Guilty Gear now >_>

It all started with me doodling Bridget after Mandy left, but I didn't remember the details of his outfit. So I looked it up. And then looked up other characters. And then looked at game artwork. And... yeah.

Basically, I ended up joining like three new communities, one of which is a rating community,where you fill out a survey and users vote to tell you which character of named fandom you're most like, and I'm anxiously awaiting the results to that XD *nerd*

And since my icons needed a shuffle, I found several new ones to replace most of my old ones :) ~ They're all by [livejournal.com profile] haloradio and they're so damn pretty it's ridiculous XD

Seriously itching to draw some I-No fanart (I-No =http://www.guiltygear.ru/images/charsets/ggi_cs_in.jpg) , because gawd she is an awesome character and I wish I was as sexy as her. But that's a bad thing because I've got much homework to be doing, and not much time for d00dling...


Yeah. You know I'm so doing that fanart XD
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Blah blah blah...

Random not-entry here :)

School is ev0l. Assignments piling up (like always). Love life = non-existant :D

Everything's the way it's always been :)

Hope everyone else is doing alright ~ It's almost Christmas people, c'mon! We can make it! :D
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What happened today:

- Played with Adam's swords during 2D Design
- Picked up forms for burseries and OSAP
- Jamie announced that she's taking me clubbing on Church Street weekend after this one, which I am very nervous about, seeing as how I don't have anyone I know there besides Jamie (who is inviting some of her friends). I asked Nicole if she could come, but she's working ;_;
- Vanessa hassled me into picking some stuff from the Hot Topic website that she's going to be buying for me... *grumblemutter*
- Aaaand, about 98% of the class is skipping Layout Design (which sucks anyway) in favour of going trick or treating. Since I don't have a costume, I'm just printing out a Fox Mulder badge, donning my sexy black jacket and partnering with Vanessa (who is Scully). Yeah.

So, that's about that... I would type out a real entry, but I don't really feel like doing it at the moment ^^;

Hope everyone has a great hallowe'en! :D
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Oh god.

Okay, so I can't find the template that I need to paste my Playing card design to. WHICH IS DUE TOMORROW.

It is currently 9:47pm, an I've got 10 drawings due for drawing class. TOMORROW.

So, life is lovely at this point.

BUT WHATEVER. I have a meme that will get done soon, so y'all comment on this post and I'll write something fabulous about each and every one of you as soon as this hell week is over.


1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are.
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks.
3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!


I won't be sleeping tonight. Nor tomorrow night, because I'll be painting. Which is like my most favourite thing to do ever.


I can't wait until Thursday. I just need to hold out till then, then this nightmare is over.


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Excuse me while I PROCRASTINATE, and thereby subsequently fail at life.


Hear that? That slight whistling sound? That's the sound of Yue's imminent doom. I am soooo going to crash and burn soon.




+ Transparent analysis of object
+ 3 Drawings of anthropomorphic character (80% complete)


+ Playing Card Design
+ 10 Observational Drawings (10% complete)


+ Painting of assorted objects (0% complete)


Oh God, here it comes.

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Haven't updated in forever... Life is just weird right now...

On the plus side, I've got like 78933548754896624567689654378008080 million assignments to keep me busy! :D

Nah, I kid... only like, four... ish... MEH.

Due next week:

2D Design:
+ One transparent analysis of object (quill pen)
+ Anthropomorphic character design based on said object (3 Drawings)

+ 10 group sketches
+ Playing card design

+ Assorted Object painting

3D Modelling:
+ Two character head/busts (not sure if they're due next week or not >_<;; )

So yes...



Okay, to make this entry less lame... I GIVE YEW PEEKCHURES!


Piccies of me posing like a retard at the bus terminal XP



Done the playing card.

LINK: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c292/AeonCiel/twoheartsfinished.jpg


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