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And Natallliiiiiiiii!

I'm really sad that Romina left, though. She was so beautiful, and a fantastic dancer. I'm really annoyed with Canada for keeping the loser couples in the competition *coughIzaakcoughJoey*, and it sucks harder because on the nights the show is on, I'm at school, and I can't even vote myself ._.; LE SIGH.

Date: 2008-10-21 03:25 am (UTC)
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Agreed, totally, totally, agreed. ::fans self:: Arassay and him together are this season's Musa and Natalie, or Pasha and Anya (yeah, I know that they didn't dance together on the show, but still!), at least to me. I think that was the couple that they were like, "How can we best make our fans explode from the hotness?" when they put them together.

I personally don't have a favourite yet on the show, I'm just enjoying the whole thing right now. It's so hard for me to decide who should leave every week. In the past, there was usually at least one person that I wouldn't really mind if they left, but not this time. Even the first week, I was going to be upset no matter who left, and that's never happened before. One thing I did notice about Kevin, and was a bit worried about, was the fact that he reminded me of Chris the tree, and I thought others might see it too and not vote for him because of it, even though he proved in the routine that he was much better at picking it up than Chris.

I can't vote either, since I don't actually get to watch the show until Saturday, when I've been going home for the past few weeks. I probably won't be able to do that anymore this year, and I'm freaking out about not being able to see anymore of the show.

Date: 2008-10-21 08:41 pm (UTC)
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I am entertained by all the pseudo-Christian imagery in Nico's piece. And yeah, he is sort of hot. There were a couple of seconds around :26 where I couldn't pull my eyes away O_o

FLOOR SPIIIIIIINS in Natalli's vid XD. And hooooooly shit. That dress is amazing and when she slithers down from his shoulder to the floor O_O the amount of body control the hell. Her partner isn't as good as her though, his movements aren't as sharp, and sometimes he looks a little confused XD But because she's wearing that eye-drawing pink you hardly notice him. Although to be honest I didn't like the coreography. O_o...


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